Main Project Inspiration

My project inspiration comes from my girlfriend who is currently studying abroad in Argentina. I originally planned to make her something on my own time but this project has given me the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. She left the country slightly after Valentine’s day and I gave her a key to a lock that opens a box filled with things she missed out on in her absence from the country. I plan to construct this box by hand and fill it with cool and fun smaller project that I have yet to determine. This box must be able to accommodate the masterlock that I bought and includes other features that a box ordinarily does not have (still yet to be determined).

Image result for lock box chestImage result for lock box chest

Another thing that inspired me was my upcycle project. I built a corian box and it was a lot of fun to make and I have access to a lot of free scrap material and tools. I’m not to sure how i’m going to make it dynamic but I’m sure it will be a fun process.





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  • That’s a great project idea that can definitely “kill two birds with one stone” (poor birds…), maybe combining it with these aesthetic we learned in the class? Adding some functions like custom shaped slots for each item so it looks nice and damage-proofing? Good luck on your project!


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