Main Project Inspirations

Although I have not yet picked an idea for the final project, I have several inspirations that will help me pick a final idea. I want to make something that I can actually use and have it function in a way that solves a problem I have. The inspirations I have are related to outdoor recreation, knowing that I want to go into an industry that involves outdoor recreation. Two things come to mind: soccer and snowboarding. I have been playing soccer ever since I was four and have been snowboarding since I was twelve (I skied from age four to twelve). Even though I have been doing these two activities for many years, I have not really played soccer competitively since high school so I think a snowboarding related project would be more beneficial to me. Some ideas for the project include attachments to the actual snowboard, bindings or snowboard gear that I wear (snowboarding boots, ski pants, ski jacket, helmet, goggles). Ultimately, I want this project to enhance my overall snowboarding experience.

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  • Preston Marcoux
    March 16, 2017 6:38 pm

    I think that it is really interesting that even though you have not figured out what you would like to do for your final project, you have an idea to create something that you will use and solve a problem you have in everyday life. I am curious how you are going to build something to enhance your overall snowboarding experience. Perhaps making something that will make you faster on the slopes or look cooler. I am curious to what you intend your aesthetic to be if you do recreational activities.


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