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I wanted to create something for my dad and he was interested in getting a heart rate monitor watch for when he works out.  I had difficulties coming up with an aesthetic for it when I remembered that he is a huge Harley Davidson fan and thought it would be awesome to design a watch case for it with that aesthetic in mind.  I want to make it all black with flames on the sides.  For the straps, I would try to find black leather, or get regular leather and dye it black.  On the outside of the watch,I would have curved edges like an actual motorcycle.  In the center, there would be the company logo.

Image result for harley davidson rider



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  • Harley Davidson, Leather, may be some nice stitching? That would look really cool and make a great gift!
    My question is the same as Faisal’s, maybe add some small functions to make it “dynamic”?

  • Faisal Al Balushi
    March 5, 2017 10:37 pm

    Nice inspiration for the case, and the fact that you want to make it made out of leather would make it look pretty aesthetic. On another note, what would the dynamic aspect be?
    Anyway, great inspiration and I am looking forward to seeing the final product.


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