Main Project Inspirations: Dynamic Infinity Mirror

I recently received an Amazon echo dot, and loved the aesthetic of it. It is so simple looking yet strikes me and this futuristic and modern device. So I sat down just drawing things that resembled that aesthetic. I started with a sculpture that just included some lights, then some of my own echo type devices, then out of nowhere I remembered this really need mirror and light trick. By using a mirror, some two way glass, and some LED’s the effect of an infinitely deep box can be created. I thought about putting a new spin on this by making the mirror inside the box move closer and further from the LED’s giving the illusion that the depth of the infinity mirror is changing. I knew I wanted my project to be clean looking, modern, and black. I wanted the feeling of mystery and an aesthetic resembling outer space and the future when the object is looked at. I plan on 3-D printing the box to give it a seamless futuristic look. The LED’s will change color and patterns seemingly randomly and the button to turn on the machine will have an LED that pulses with an almost breathing effect. I would like to make this device small enough to fit on a desk or shelf, but large enough that the infinity effect isn’t hindered. I have already gone through a couple design iterations and think I have most all of the kinks and aesthetics worked out.
I’m excited to get started, I already have most of my equipment picked out. I just need to commit and start ordering parts.

final project, futuristic, infinity box, modern
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