Top 5 Constraints: Perpetual Motion Machine

  1. Time: Seeing as the design review is next week and the project is due not terribly long after that time will be the biggest obstacle for my project.
  2. Size: I want it to be large enough, but the material cost gets much higher as I make it bigger.
  3. Cost: I want to stay within a moderate budget, but my ambition may force me to pay more than I planned for.
  4. Materials: I want the materials I use to make a statement, I am just not sure what I want to use to make the entire project pop.
  5. Originality: Many people have created works similar to what I am planning on making, approaching it in an original way may prove difficult.
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  • Gautham Govindarajan
    March 20, 2017 1:17 am

    I understand building something with perpetual motion would be quite a challenge. I like that you want bring some originality to your project. May be you can combine a couple of already existing mechanisms into one. I am really excited to see how your final product turns out. All the best.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing this thing in action! There are a few designs out there already so it will be interesting to see how you can take those existing concepts and incorporate them into a whole new artifact.

  • What is your project though? How does each of your constraints affect your plans? Each of these is so short and vague, I think you need to flesh out these points. What is the “statement” you want to make? How large is “large enough” for the object? What ideas do you have to bring an “original” approach to the work?


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