Top Five Constraints: Clockwork Building

I have changed my main project idea slightly to incorporate more of my steel/metal aesthetic that I used in my upcycle project and shifted the scope to be not a GOT inspired clockwork building, but to be another metal scene that incorporates metal and water with moving parts in an organic way. Specifically, I plan to create a river cottage scene with a motor-driven water mill.

My top five constraints for this project are as follows:

  1. Aesthetic:   My aesthetic concept constrains me to using only metal materials for the artifact (at least for all pieces that can be seen by the audience).
  2. Manufacturing: By using all metal materials, the processes by which I can manufacture/assemble most of the artifact.
  3. Power: Because i’m incorporating driven components in the aesthetic, I will require a motor and power source, meaning that I will need to have space within the artifact to contain wiring and motors.
  4. Cost: Due, again, to my metal aesthetic, I will have to purchase clean, workable steel material and other possibly costly materials.
  5. Weight: Keeping with the pattern, considering… (you guessed it) my all metal aesthetic, I will have to carefully design the layout and breadth of the artifact to ensure it is not overly heavy.
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  • Siddharth Nigam
    March 8, 2017 11:41 pm

    These seem like very well thought of constraints. Have you thought about setting limits to some of these? For instance, you can have a limit on the cost, knowing that it will tend to get a little more on the expensive side.


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