Top 5 Constraints: Snowboard Cup Holder

For my final project, I will be making a cup holder that attaches to my snowboard. I have several ideas for what I want it to function and look like in the end, but that comes with some constraints.

My first constraint is what materials to use for the cup holder. I would like the material to be made of stainless steel so it won’t rust as I take it snowboarding, but that material may be hard to source for this project.

My second constraint is how to attach the cup holder to the snowboard. I need to be able to attach the cup holder to the snowboard in a way that doesn’t ruin the cup holder or snowboard. Some ideas include using the same adhesive that is used in attaching a stomp pad to the board or fastening it to the board with screws that fit into the channel inserts on the board.

My third constraint is what aesthetic to choose. Since the cup holder will most likely be made of metal, I had an idea of using the ‘modern’ aesthetic. Other ideas include adding rocket fins or flames to the side for more of a ‘streamline’ aesthetic.

My fourth constraint is going to be the limited amount space on the snowboard. I want to mount the cup holder in a place where it won’t be in the way when I am snowboarding but also in a relatively easy spot for using. This could be between the snowboard bindings but closer to the front foot, or behind the back foot completely out of the way.

My fifth constraint is how to make it dynamic. Some ideas include having the cup holder spin on the board, attaching a lid to the cup holder, or attaching fins or cut-out flames to the sides so they flap in the wind as I ride.

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  • You get through a tough run on your board. You reach down and grab a nice, refreshing drink to cool off with. It sounds like something out of a commercial, and it seems like a cool idea for your project. I like the lid idea for your cup holder. You don’t want to hit a bump and your drink goes flying out behind you.


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