Top 5 Constraints: Desk

Time: Obviously time is the main limiting faster, it is hard to put in a lot of work into a project when you have so many other projects happening at once and you’re trying to get a job for when you graduate.

Materials: The scale of my project really depends on what I can get my hands on. If I can get enough quality wood and metal, I can most likely make a pretty cool pop up desk. If I can get only smaller amounts, I might just stick with a desk with a drawer or a nightstand of sorts.

Machines: I want to use a  laser cutter to raster etch and engrave the wood on my desk. Along with the shape of the wood this will provide me with a basis for my aesthetic that I want to achieve. If certain portions of my wood are too wide or to big in general for the laser cutter, I might be restricted with what I can achieve.

Storage: If I’m making something as large as a desk, it might be hard to find somewhere to store it or even move it around.

Detail: Wood is prone to lighting on fire while using laser etching, so I’ll have to be careful and make sure my lines aren’t too close.

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  • Dean Alibrandi
    March 15, 2017 11:22 pm

    Cool project idea. Maybe check out the recycling center for an old desk and then just use the laser cutter and some other tools to spiff it up a bit. I like the idea of using metal pieces as well. There also is quite a lot of scrap wood that is thrown out next to the ITLL loading zone every day.


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