Top 5 Constraints of making a lamp

  1. The initial constraint for this will be sourcing materials. I would like to make the light out of a combination of stainless steel and wood. I would like to find both circular materials to make these out of. Finding materials that will match in dimensions could be difficult.
  2. The second constraint i envision in making this is the machining and manufacturing involved. I am worried that with the circular shape i will struggle to be able to cut the shapes that i am looking for into the materials i am looking for.
  3. Making sure the parts can move easily and function well. I want the two materials to be able to spin around each other easily so that the lamp can function well. I would like to integrate some system for this to be able to spin around.
  4. Incorporating electronics into my design will be a further difficulty for my design. I am envisioning making this with an already assembled light fixture. I will need to design around this.
  5. The final constraint around this design is to keep the price within my budget. I would like to make this with nice materials so that it is something i would like to keep in the future. In order to keep this goal attainable i will need to make sure that i can achieve the design i am looking for in the first attempt.
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  • Hi Maxfield. I am working on a project that requires me to provide 5 different constraints on making a desk lamp. I already have time, budget and resources but I need 2 more. Please can you assist me.

  • This article was really helpful. I am also trying to identify some of the constraints of building a desk lamp as designing one is my current project. Thank you.

  • Preston Marcoux
    March 16, 2017 6:32 pm

    Incorporating electronics into your design sounds difficult. I think you have your hands full with so many constraints, perhaps tackling this at the end of your project if you have time? I think you have a difficult project to take on, but I am excited to see the results in your work.


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