Design Review: Candle Stand/Holder


For my main project I thought about bringing something new and unique to the table from my culture. The inspiration comes from inveterate arabic architecture and design. It is known to come in patterns and different appealing structures. The following are some pictures demonstrating it(1)

Figure 1:Example of design
Figure 2: Example 2 of Arabic design

The designs above just give some idea of how such designs could be detailed while there are so many more ways and interpretations, which existed for many. An illustration where the inspiration is seen a lot is inside mosques as they are known for the beautiful interior architecture. In the following pictures you can see some interior examples of such architectural design(2)

Figure 3: Shows the interior of a mosque

Another inspiration that came across my mind is to make a Majmar(Incense burner). Which is shown in the following picture(3)

Figure 5: Shows the Majmar

In my country, the Sultanate of Oman the Majmar has been used for thousands of years to burn incenses in a protective and stylish way, like a candle holder. It is made of clay and comes in different sizes and shapes. Here I get the inspiration to combine the arabic unique design and the Majmar to make a candle holder with a special touch.

The idea of the project

A hexagonal candle stand that rotates in order to expose the different designs on all sides. Behind the designs (inside the stand) I plan to place transparent colored glass/plastic. The colored glass will help emphasize the side shapes.


I started off by making a prototype out of paper that shows the idea of the colors behind the shapes.

The second iteration prototype demonstrates the rotation mechanism below the candle holder.


I have decided to make a candle holder that has a hexagonal shape, on the sides it has different designs from my inspiration in the last post. The constrains are the following:

  1. How to come up with the specific designs to use
  2. How to cut the designs
  3. Where to acquire material from(colored glass/plastic)
  4. Rotation mechanism
  5. Prevent candle from burning the inside of the housing


I started making more sketches of the arabesque patterns and designs I want to have on the sides. In addition I plan to make the whole design in SolidWorks and 3D print the product. It is going to consist of two pieces that get attached together with a fastener.

You can watch the presentation here


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  • Faisal Al Balushi
    May 9, 2017 5:50 pm

    Thanks for the comments guys

  • Errol Romero
    May 1, 2017 3:34 pm

    This project really has the potential to really go anywhere with the design. The patterns on the holder possible can have some deeper meaning to them that can be utilized to enhance your aesthetic. Just make sure to use a material that does not burn if you do put a flame inside it

  • I like how you’ve taken a design used for thousands of years and have found a create way to iterate upon it. Adding the colored lens for the light will really enhance your project. When weighing between acrylic and plastic film, I think a solution lies in both. A thin and clear piece of acrylic can form the base the the colored film. You could create multicolored and intricate designs by gluing pieces of plastic film onto the acrylic, and then place these squares behind your 3D printed design. Hopefully whatever route you take can achieve that balance of allowing enough light through yet not deforming from the heat.

  • Katherine Yarnell
    March 19, 2017 9:57 pm

    This is a really cool project! I like the style of designs you are planning of including, they are very geometric and detailed. The transparent pieces will look really nice, especially if the the light source is bright enough to create shadows on the wall.

  • Hi Faisal,
    I think it’s cool that you are bringing some cultural aesthetic that is important to you to this project. You mentioned that it would sit on a desk and people would turn it by hand. I feel like hot flames might not make the best desk toy to be touched. One thing that I think would really enhance your design is to add a little motor on the bottom. This would make it truly dynamic because it would move by itself. I agree with some of the others that using the laser-cutter might be better, but if you really don’t want to, then maybe I’d suggest making a slot in each panel that you could slide a piece of colored glass or acrylic into. Also, having another glass barrier between the flame and the 3D printed material might be a good idea to prevent melting. Arabesque is a really unique aesthetic, and I think you did a good job of incorporating it into your design.

  • Dean Alibrandi
    March 15, 2017 12:29 pm

    Really cool project idea and I like the arabic designs you would like to include. It may be a good idea to look into using thin colored plastic film instead of acrylic. The thin film may pass light better and I am pretty sure you can find tons of small pieces in a variety of colors at pretty much any art store. You also can use scissors to shape them into more intricate designs.

  • Marcus Gurule
    March 15, 2017 12:29 pm

    I like all of the patters that you are planning on using. I am excited to see what the final product turns out like. I would consider cutting the panels on the laser cutter to get greater resolutions on these designs.

  • Blake Arellano
    March 15, 2017 12:24 pm

    I like the idea of the colors shining out, I feel that if you are going for the traditional incense holder aesthetic you will need some intricate designs and bright colors. I also still think a small motor or servo to spin the candle would be doable and make a nice desktop candle holder.

  • Olivia Watkins
    March 15, 2017 12:21 pm

    I love your aesthetic. It’s obviously not one we see everyday in Colorado ! I think Arabic culture and history is really fascinating and would love to learn more about it. I think your project will be super special and different. I’m excited for you !


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