21 Aesthetics Game Redux: Timeline Engagement

Today we had team time, including application of the major 20th and 21st century design movements to everyone’s project, and suggestions of other aesthetics in preparation for this week’s post. Students were also invited to the Zotero online library for the course. Make yourself a login at http://zotero.org, then request to join the AeDes group. Lecture notes.

Then we played the Aesthetics Game, using the major design movement aesthetics only:

Organic Design bar and bar stools

Deutcher Werkbund dog leash and collar

Post-modern snow blower

Arts and Crafts styled scissors

Mid-Century Modern umbrella

Aesthetic Movement umbrella stand

Streamlined dishwasher

Constructivist all-terrain vehicle

Art Deco baby stroller

Radical Movement backpack

Art Nouveau toothbrush

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