Aesthetics Compared to 20th Century Design Styles

The three 20th Century Design Styles I chose were: Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Modern. These styles are a more simplified version of the locket, meaning they don’t have the multidirectional rotations. They are just simple open-close lockets.

As can be seen in the sketch, the first drawing is an Art Deco styled locket. The art deco sketch has the lines and patterns that you expect to see in that design movement. It would open from the right side for a image to be placed inside.

The second drawing is modern, it has very little when it comes to the design. The material would consist of maybe Bamboo or something similar. It would slide from the hinge to open the locket.

The third is Art Nouveau, it has more of a smooth layered look, with material cutout of it. It has a lot of curves and spirals that make it fit the Art Nouveau style.

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