Construction Timeline: Ben Fried

Below you can see a schedule of events that I need to complete.  I have done this process before for the prototype, so I am familiar with the materials and tools, and know what type of aesthetic I am trying to aim for.  This should take no longer than the time I have allocated to each task.  I have not added any time for any signification issues, like improperly cutting the wood.  Because I have done this before, and because there is a helper in the Makerspace, I should not have any large problems.

Dr. Hertzberg mentioned the rule of 7, so I have factored that into the 3rd column.  However, I do not anticipate it will take that long, I will allot that much time on my schedule to do each task.

Name Time x7 (margin) Complete by Date
Acquire Wood 1 week 2 weeks 6-Apr
Acquire Bamboo 2 weeks 4 weeks 15-Apr
Measure wood 20 min 140 min 7-Apr
Cut Wood Into Strips 25 min 175 min 7-Apr
Glue Wood Together 30 min 210 min 7-Apr
Let set for 48 hrs 48 hrs 48 hrs 10-Apr
Measure wood 20 min 140 min 10-Apr
Cut Wood Again 25 min 175 min 11-Apr
Glue Wood Together 30 Min 210 min 12-Apr
Let set for 48 hrs 48 hrs 48 hrs 14-Apr
Trim Edges 30 min 210 min 17-Apr
Add Bamboo Edges 1 hr 7 hrs 19-Apr

I am planning to be done on 19 Apr, which gives me a few days of slack before the final project is due.

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  • Great timeline! The detail for time allotments is impressive! I also do not follow the rule of 7 if the action is well known. (Although, I do use a factor of 3 for everything). I’m excited to see the finished board! Nice post.

  • Tori Herfert
    April 4, 2017 1:00 pm

    Wow, this timeline is very detailed and planned out. I like that you gave yourself time limits for everything so that you could figure out just how long everything will take you. I think it is also good that you are giving yourself a couple days of slack just incase something occurs or you need more time. Good job with your planning!


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