23 Color and Anthropomorphic Effects

Today we did sketching practice: ellipses, useful for showing horizontal circles in perspective. Homework: practice drawing ellipses, as many and as quickly as possible. Practice to correct your errors.

Here is a link to some good exercises for drawing ellipses: http://mydrawingtutorials.com/a-drawing-exercise-every-beginner-artists-should-do/

We talked about color spaces, including HSB, RGB and Pantone. Went over a psych journal article that concluded that there were no truly ‘universal’ aesthetic preferences. Nevertheless, aesthetics can have a big impact on product choices. Cultural societal situation can have a big impact as well.

Looked at the Aesthetic-Useability Effect: attractive things are perceived as being easier to use than ugly things. Also, humans like objects that are somewhat human shaped for certain products (Anthropomorphic Effect), and baby-face similarities (round, with big eyes) are even better when ‘cute’ will sell a product.

23 Color and Anthropomorphic Effects

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