Construction Timeline: final project

For building my lamp i will try and lay out a timeline which will help keep me on track with completion on time.

I anticipate that gathering materials will take me one day which i am planning to do this Thursday. Unless there are any shortages of materials this should be accomplishable. I have been doing some online research about materials that i am looking for where i am going to be able to source them.

Once i first gather the materials the first order of business will be to cut the holes in my thin sheets of wood  so that i can get them soaking initially. They will need to be saturated in order for me to be able to bend the sheets in the appropriate radius. I anticipate that this could take up to a week to fully saturate the wood until the point where i can bend it in the desired shape. I am worried about the drying effects of the wood so it is possible that i will do several sheets at the same time as a security plan.

While the wood is curing in the water i will be disassembling the electronic structure form a current lamp so that i can incorporate this into my final design. Here i will also source the internal aluminum structure to fit around the bulb size.

In one and a half weeks from no i would like to have the final outer structure completed and all of the other components necessary so that i can finish the final assembly. I envision having this completed in 2 weeks from today so that i can change any aspects that i don’t like before the due date of the project. I hope that i can stick to this schedule an the power of 7 doesn’t come up to haunt me and turn this into 14.

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