Construction Timeline: Solar System Model

Spring break has come and went and I’m realizing that I’m little behind. I have a CAD model started and still in a pretty early stage. However, I think that I can turn out a solid design by this weekend. I hop to have this done by Sunday the 9th. With that done I will be ready to complete any post processing. It looks like that I wont have to do much post processing, but there is always the chance for error. I hope to most of the fabrication done by the 19th and then putting the final touches on by that Friday the 21st. The week after will be finalizing any reports an the project itself.

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  • Alexandra Rivas
    April 10, 2017 10:21 am

    It seems like you have a decent idea of what your schedule is and how much time you will need. Drawing out an actual timeline might be helpful in making you stay on track. What stage of this process focuses on perfecting the aesthetic you’re going for?
    Good luck!


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