Construction Timeline: Zoetrope

I have been a part of a fair amount of projects and if there is one really lesson that I took away from all of them is to not overestimate oneself when it comes to planning.

With that I tried to be as conservative of my abilities on order to not set goals I cannot deliver.

My objective is to make a zoetrope, with a distinctive signature aesthetic. I have decided my aesthetic to have an art nouveau aesthetic or a retro arcade game aesthetic. The reason I have not fixed my aesthetic is because I can afford to choose that once my construction is complete. The base model would be like a blank canvas on which I could embellish any aesthetic. I am already taken by the art nouveau aesthetic, and I plan to cut whiplash curves and floral patterns and organic curves out  of white foam and paint it appropriately. I have a design ready and the materials I would use are high density cardboard, wood and foam.

Once I have all my materials (I’m in the process of acquiring a cylindrical cardboard tube) it would take me about 3 days to complete my model. But I wish to do it by the end of this weekend so as to enable me to test my design and improve upon it.I would really like to show my design to my teammates and change it according to feedback that I receive.So I estimate that once my cardboard tube gets delivered, I will be able to finish my initial design in a week.

The major time consuming aspect of my project is cutting the slots in the tube in equidistant repetitions. I hope to use help from Gautham, my teammate and the idea forge.

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  • Gautham Govindarajan
    April 10, 2017 1:10 am

    I’d certainly help you out with woodworking Ridhvik. Your timeline shows your until the 11th of April. Does this include finishing up your aesthetic touches to your project? Or is it just the construction part? And I know it didn’t workout as planned due to some administrative roadblocks. Do you have contingencies for delays like this?


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