Construction Timeline: Perpetual Motion Machine

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  • Levi, you need to include a write-up as well… this post was to “include” a graphical element, not “be” a graphical element. Your image is sideways and there is no description or explanation that adds to the simple images. I feel there was very little effort put into this post. What are you going to build? What materials do you still need to gather? What will you test and will a failure mean more time is necessary? This doesn’t look like a “final stretch” timeline, it looks like nothing has been done yet at all. Sorry to be so negative, it’s just surprising to see such little content here. Maybe you have a lot of work done and other write-ups reflect that, but it doesn’t show here.

  • Emma Hammerton
    April 9, 2017 6:41 pm

    Hi Levi! I really like that you included graphics in your timeline — it draws the viewer in to each step of construction. I also think sectioning out your processes into time frames (3 days, 4 days, etc.) as opposed to setting exact finishing deadlines is a wise move because it will likely lead to you getting a head start on each before you actually need to have them done. It would be really great to have some description of your processes on here as well — it would help the reader understand better what you intend to do.


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