Construction Timeline: Windmill

For my windmill project, I am just starting the building process after already acquiring some of the materials. I would like to complete most of the building itself before the end of next week to allow  for extra time in case something goes wrong or late modifications have to be made. This will allow me more time to work on the final report as well.

Broken out into weeks, the construction timeline will look like this:

March 27-31: Acquire materials/finalize windmill design (completed)

April 3-7: Finalize dimensions, begin assembly of base

April 10-14: Finish base assembly, construct rotating mechanism/rotors

April 17-21: Finish construction, begin testing phase/work on final report

April 24-28: Present final project to pod

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  • Gautham Govindarajan
    April 10, 2017 1:01 am

    Expecting something might go wrong is a good idea. So that even if something, I hope nothing does, you will have a contingency to deal with it. I would also suggest you have your testing phase as soon as possible. When you take your testing phase right to the end and if you find a design flaw then, it will really difficult to correct them. Other than that, you plan seems really neat.

  • Connor Swanson
    April 6, 2017 3:26 pm

    Sounds like you have a solid plan in place. I like that you are giving yourself somewhat of a buffer period so that you can account for any unforeseen changes or issues. Good luck!


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