Final Stretch Progress: Electric Longboard

I am really excited for this project and have almost finished ordering parts (waiting to hear back from a couple of eBay vendors) and I have finished removing all the paint and graphics from the main deck of the longboard. I can’t wait to paint it! Here’s a picture of it before and after.

I also have a new idea of using a laser cutter to cut the black grip tape into the skyline of my hometown, Mumbai. I think that will add a nice touch to it and I can’t wait to see where that goes. I am considering doing an Indian design for the back as well, but let’s see! I am not very skilled at painting, so some design where I can incorporate a bright and vivid combination of colors should but simple enough to be done would be great! Here are some designs I am planning to incorporate into the laser cut part on the top. I also want to have a nice painted effect below it, and I might go with the sunset orange hue.


I also finished ordering most of the supplies and I anticipate that most of them will be here by Monday next week. I still have to order the motor and vesc (programmable speed controller) but I am waiting to make sure all the other parts are compatible first.

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  • Looks like you are making good progress in the final weeks of this project! The board looks so much better after you removed the paint. I look forward to seeing the laser-cut grip tape if you decide to go that route. I’ve never really seen custom grip tape on a longboard so I think that would be a great touch to add.


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