Final Report Presentation: Electric Longboard Balerion

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  • Ryan Daniel
    May 1, 2017 12:22 pm

    Your longboard turned out so well! It looks fantastic and the functional aspect is great. I really enjoyed riding it down the hallway after the Expo, it was way more torquey than I expected. The under-glow is a nice touch and really makes this thing look cool and fast. I love that you used this project opportunity to make something you will use everyday.

    • Siddharth Nigam
      May 4, 2017 3:17 am

      Thank you Ryan! I really enjoyed your project too and can’t wait to build one! Yeah I bought a really torque heavy motor so that I can ride the longboard here in Boulder without any problems, since it’s so hilly it requires a lot of torque to go uphill at a reasonable speed.

  • This came out so well! I’m very impressed with it and you were able to do it for so much less money compared to what it would cost to buy one of these! I really like the cutout grip tape.

    • Siddharth Nigam
      May 4, 2017 3:18 am

      Thank you Ethan! I really liked the project as well and it’s a lot of fun riding it around.

  • Ridhvik Gopal
    April 28, 2017 1:25 pm

    Its great that you picked up a new skill while doing your project! I like the geometric aesthetic that you went with. A lot of thought went into the assembly and the electrical design.
    Great story behind your design process and I really loved the presentation!

  • Cyron Completo
    April 28, 2017 12:53 pm

    Awesome work!! I have always wanted an electric longboard so it is motivational to see that you have accomplished the Balerion. The clearance of the and the protruding part are both things that I am a bit worried about though.
    All in all, I am thoroughly impressed with your process of designing and constructing the board!

  • Do you really think laser cutting the profile of the grip tape was easier? That requires accurate measurements of the size and shape of the board, not to mention accounting for the curvature of the board. Cutting both patterns (profile and image) at the same time means you can’t adjust position or make other decisions like that.

    Nice work on the painting patterns, that’s always really fun to lay out that sort of thing. The tape all came off just fine? I wouldn’t have been sure how that would work on the primed wood. I hope you can come up with a way to protect all your hard work and the exposed components. Really impressive project.

  • Gautham Govindarajan
    April 28, 2017 12:49 pm

    Its smart that you started with an old longboard. I guess that could’ve given you a bit more time to work on your aesthetics. I like the dragon design very much. Simple yet imposing. I wonder if you feel like riding a dragon when you’re on your longboard. The painting on the bottom is cool and I really like your choice of color for your wheels and axles. Great Work!

  • Emma Hammerton
    April 28, 2017 12:47 pm

    Right off the bat, I love that you came up with a mysterious name for your project. It’s cool that you used the painters tape to your advantage to create the design on the bottom of your longboard — it looks awesome. I think that all of the colors and designs you chose work really well together, though I’m not sure that you targeted any particular design aesthetic. It makes the project very personal in that you drew inspiration from several different things you are interested in to create it. I am impressed by how much you educated yourself to complete this project — the electrical side seems like it would be really difficult to start without much prior knowledge on it. It’s nice that you acknowledge your failures alongside your successes. This is a really complex and well thought out project, I’m very impressed by it. The only suggestion I would have is possibly creating a more protective casing for the electrical elements of your longboard. Are you concerned that they could be ruined in a crash?

  • Alexandra Rivas
    April 28, 2017 12:46 pm

    yay! Its really exciting to see this evolve from your initial ideas to real execution! Your use of sped up video of your process was really nice. Very thorough presentation. It is crazy how much work you put in to this. You didn’t take any short cuts- so awesome. Its clear that you are very passionate about this project. I don’t even know what sort of constructive criticism I could give because this is so impressive! great job!!


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