Main Project Final Report Part 2: Pencil Holder


Overall I am pleased with how the project turned out. I think there is still a lot of room for improvement. Over the course of the manufacturing process I actually changed the design a bit to make it easier to manufacture so it was a very fluid design. Lots of opportunities to adjust the design. I think some of the edges could be a little more refined. I didn’t spend enough time taking care of the burrs on the edges so that could be improved.

In the future I think I will shorten the length of the stem in the middle so that the pens don’t have as far to reach. Right now depending on the pen it kind of ends up hanging a little bit more than I would like. This will also lower the center of mass so it will not tip over as easily. I also think the holes could be a little bit more spaced out from the center. I think there is to much room around the edge. I think there is potential of this product to be sold. A lot of people at the expo were asking how much I was selling these for and I didn’t have an answer for them. I think it could be expanded to hold more pens for artists and things like that which would be really awesome.

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  • Errol Romero
    May 10, 2017 11:20 pm

    This thing is so classy. I like the fact that you machined every part from scratch. I do see how you have come into some problems with pens and pencils of different shape and am excited to see how you work on fixing that in the future


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