Main Project Report 2017 Part 2: Windmill

In the end, I would say that I am very happy with how my windmill turned out. I thought the finished item really looked authentic and matched the countryside aesthetic I was going for. As I mentioned in a previous post, my main inspiration for this project was an old windmill that I used to see near my house as a kid. Windmills have a very iconic look to them and can add a lot of character to any landscape. People have grown to associate them with rural culture and they can definitely remind people of past experiences.

The finished windmill will likely be used as I had intended, as an ornament to keep in my yard. When we moved into the house that we are renting this year, we found several old knick knacks and pieces of art that previous owners had left for future tenants, so I was thinking of leaving my windmill in the yard to keep with that tradition. Because of its outside appearance, it looks like it belongs somewhat, so I may leave it to become part of the landscape at our house. Overall, it was a really great experience working on all of the projects for this class, and I think I have gained a lot from the experience.

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