Main Project Report Part 1: Snowboard Cup Holder

For my final project, I made a cup holder for my snowboard. I chose this project because snowboarding is something I love to do, and this product would enhance my overall snowboarding experience.

I started with concept sketches to try to flush out what aesthetic I was going to use. Below are some concept sketches, but ultimately I chose a fire/element aesthetic and will include cut-out flames attached to the side of the cup holder to act as streamers so it would flap in the wind as I ride.


After choosing an aesthetic, it was time to build a prototype. The goal of the prototype was to get the sizing of the cup holder right and to see what the streamers would look like. Shown below is my prototype made out of cardboard and paper.

Next was to order materials that I could use to make this project. I bought a toothbrush holder from IKEA for $15 and a pack of four channel insert screws from Ebay for $25. The toothbrush holder will serve as the primary cup holder and the screws are used to attach it to my board. Also, included in this project is a vinyl sticker consisting of flames to attach to the outside of the cup holder to match the fire aesthetic. Below are the materials I used.


With the materials on hand, I began modifying the cup holder. I cut a hole in the bottom to allow the channel screw to sit inside creating an attachment point for the board. I added foam padding on the inside of the cup holder to make it a snug fit to prevent the drink from rattling and falling out of the cup holder. I also added foam to the underside of the cup holder to protect my board from scratches. Following the modifications of the cup holder, I was able to attach the flame sticker to complete the project. Below is an image of the final project on and off my snowboard.


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  • Hunter Miller
    May 10, 2017 11:39 pm

    Very nice project just one question. When can I buy one! No but it was a great project and a great idea. I hope you get a chance to really try it out!

  • Jake Silverman
    May 10, 2017 11:09 pm

    It looks great and it seems like you could really get some good use out of it. Are you at all concerned about the force that the cup holder could keep well attached to the snowboard at high speeds or vibrations. Either way if this works well when you test it out on the mountain. it would be a cool product to try and sell locally or at mountains.

  • Levi Cortright
    May 10, 2017 6:53 pm

    It ended up great! You really captured the elemental aesthetic you were going for! Does this thing actually work down the slopes? I think it was a good idea to draw the flames on instead of using some material because then it won’t get caught on anything.


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