Top 5 Constraints: Lampu

For my final project, I planned on making a lamp/storage unit for my jewelry that rotates about a post for customizability. These are the top 5 constraints I had with that initial design:

  • Laser Cutting time – in order to cut plywood, I need to use the BTU lab’s laser cutter which are scheduled and therefore not as freely available as those in the ITLL.
  • Machining Time – With senior design, my machining time is limited and I will need to machine the shaft of my lamp.
  • Materials – I am struggling to find an adequately heavy base to sit my lamp on. With steel, I will have to weld it and am not sure if I have enough time for that.
  • Finish – I am slightly worried about the finish capability of the laser cut edges. The burnt, layered look might mess with my aesthetic.
  • Lastly, I am constraining my budget to $60 for this project


For my Lampu final project, or “box lamp”, I had some unique constraints as well:

  • Woodworking skills – I decided to change the manufacturing method of my project to woodworking instead of laser cutting. So I had to learn how to use new tools.
  • Time – By the time I came up with this remedied idea and finished the design, I was deep into Senior Design Expo time. So time was a huge issue.
  • Materials Cost – I still wanted to keep this project low cost, so still a budget of $60.
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