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C’est Normal owns the rights to all of these images and Jon Olsson the rights to his video blog.

The aesthetic I chose was a brand called C’est Normal – this clothing brand was created in October of 2018. There are four creators behind the brand, those being: Jon Olsson Deler, Janni Olsson Deler, Benjamin Ortega, and Rickard Deler. The inspiration behind the brand manifested from the idea of not conforming to what’s known or expected. C’est Normal itself means: “It is normal.” The brand however, stands for the opposite. The creators come from different backgrounds but all live their lives in a way that lives up to the brands ideals. Whether it be skydiving, cliff jumping, heli skiing or taking private jets and helicopters around the globe, their lifestyles represent the brand. The main article of clothing I want to focus on is the orange shirt with the drawstring. This aesthetic is appealing to me because as a person who grew up wearing a shoestring belt, this is an all-in-one tee with the appearance I was going for. The cuts on the shirts along with the length go along with the trends that can be seen in today’s fashion. Lastly, the clothing is made in Porto, Portugal and the fabric is very nice, but this comes with a cost.

The clothing won’t start selling again until mid-spring. This is due to the admiration of the product from the creators fans. This shows the importance of creating an aesthetically pleasing product combined with a good story. The clothing isn’t being sold again until mid-spring because the creators want more time to create a good product and tie up the loose ends.


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  • Ambrogino Depolo
    January 27, 2019 8:12 pm

    Hey this was a really interesting choice for the aesthetic. The simplicity of the design paired with the subtle choice to make the shirt longer and more narrow definitely reminds me of the modern clothing styles of our generation. Even the colors are fairly subtle considering the only colored clothing being a dull yellow or ochre. It definitely seems like the ideas that the phrase invokes need to be understood on a deeper level and this aesthetic may primarily appeal to a more niche audience that truly gets what it is all about. The aesthetic seems like it is more about a lifestyle rather than the design itself which is a really cool take on things. The creators behind this clothing line definitely remind me of Yes Theory (https://www.youtube.com/user/PracProcrastination) and their clothing line. Similar ideas of being yourself and doing what you want to do even when it makes you uncomfortable. Or I am misinterpreting this entire aesthetic.
    Solid post. How do you think this aesthetic could be applied to other designs? Does the aesthetic have value without the quote, “C’est Normal”, and could it potentially be applied to another design without the quote itself? Super cool!

  • Taylor Whittemore
    January 25, 2019 1:04 pm

    Hello Jared,

    I really enjoyed reading about the aesthetic that you chose. I was wondering why you wore a shoestring belt instead of a normal belt. Is this a fashion choice or because you only had a shoestring.

    I was also wondering what makes this brand so expensive. To someone like me who knows very little about fashion I don’t understand where the price come from or why people are willing to pay that price

    Great post!


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