Rocky Mountain Underground

For all my life I have enjoyed skiing the Rocky Mountains. There’s something about the cold, fresh air stinging your lungs after hiking to the top of a fresh peak and looking down at all the fluffy white powder about to be carved up. It’s a freeing feeling that I will continue to chase for as long as I can.

I chose Rocky Mountain Underground as my aesthetic because it’s a brand that I could see myself being a part of someday. The type of ski culture that Rocky Mountain Underground emanates draws me in.

You can identify a rustic feel with metal accents throughout the Rocky Mountain Underground Breckenridge location. If gives the feeling of walking into a mountain cabin with the updated feel of a brewery. Stop in, have a drink, and talk with one of the mountaineering experts to quickly learn why they’ve been named the best ski shop in Colorado.

Inspired by Rocky Mountain Underground:

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  • Taylor Whittemore
    January 25, 2019 1:00 pm

    Hello Tyler.

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post about Rocky Mountain Underground. I have gone there a few times before and they have this cranberry cider that I really like. I also enjoy skiing and I ski quite often with my friends, although they are much slower than me!

    In regards to the aesthetic that you have identified here, what do you think are the characteristics of this aesthetic that define it?


  • Jared Campbell
    January 24, 2019 10:44 am


    I share your enthusiasm for this aesthetic. You had a strong explanation on the rustic vibe of the Rocky Mountain Underground Breckenridge location. Secondly, you did a good job explaining the culture of RMU and how you feel a connection to the company’s ideals.

    I have a question about if you are more intrigued by the ski’s aesthetic or the building’s? I got a little loss in the structure of the post.


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