This is the Digital Storm Aventum PC. The design of this PC is very compact, yet it demonstrate superb performance. In addition, the layout of its components are aesthetically pleasing.

The cooling system implemented on this PC is a water cooling mechanism that maximizes heat decimation in order to protect the critical components of the PC. The beauty of this design is that water moves through clear pipes, which gives the user the option to choose his favorite color to be the theme of the PC.

Another great design aspect of the PC’s design are the fans that cool the water running through the radiator. These fans have RGB lighting capabilities, which means that the user can specify the color and any animations he/she desires.

The chassis of this PC provides 6 shelves for storage that could be a hard disk driver or a solid state drive. These shelves occupy a small space and provide huge computer storage capacity.

The last beautiful design aspect of this PC is the cable management. The chassis provides access for the cables to be moved from the mother board to the back panel, hiding those cables from the visible front panel.



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  • Ibrahim Alhajji
    February 1, 2019 4:07 pm

    I love the design of this PC. I like how they improved the performance while improving the design in the same time. Great work on explaining the design and the performance. I like how you mentioned that the customer can choose the color of the water pipes. The lights and the transparent model make this PC very beautiful.

  • This PC is beautiful! I like how it integrates many elements such as lighting and aggressive design, at the same time it looks clean, as opposed to busy. The see-through design gives you the opportunity to appreciate all the different parts that you choose to put in the PC. The lighting function really provides a nice theme to the game the user is playing. I like your introduction of super computer, I can feel your enthusiasm. I assume you are a PC builder yourself? It’d be really cool if you share your build with us.

  • I like how you point out that even practical machines like computers have an aesthetic. The use of RGB lights and transparent enclosures emphasizes the high-tech feel of the machine. While features like this don’t actually do anything to increase performance, it makes the user feel as though they are using a piece of technology from the future, which can shape how they approach the way they interact with it.


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