Upcycle Progress: Cork

The appealing look of a cork caught my eye instantly. I found cork projects all over google images, pinterest, and my friends houses. Corks can be used for apparel, furniture, jewelry holders, and decoration. The cork gives a house a very unique down to earth feeling. There are also associated unique wine and champagne labels that lots of people enjoy. Each label can be a reminder of a special moment or experience.

I have wanted to do something with corks for a while. My parents used to collect corks to “eventually do something with” and gave all of them away a few months back. I would like to make something unique but I would like to make something useful that I could potentially utilize in my home as well.

DIY Cork Staircase
Image result for cork projects

These three ideas stood out to me when thinking of what I wanted to possibly create. I really need a key rack and some thing decorative to hold my succulents. I have a bag of corks already and look forward to the places this project could take me!


self watering planter made from recycled wine bottle

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  • I really like the idea of using cork as your medium, its something that most of us don’t think about its other uses. I noticed that you have multiple ideas that you’ve been giving more thought about and I might be interesting to see if you could combine pats from each one into your final project.


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