Upcycle Progress: Cardboard Fire Pit

For my up-cycle project, I am making a fire pit out of cardboard. The idea is to laser cut pieces of cardboard and put them together such that they have some structural integrity while using little to no adhesives. Right now, the design is pretty basic, with no real artistic elements added onto of the design. I hope to add some more of these in the near future. I would like to add cutouts or some other similar pattern to the legs. I will also be cutting out and etching log shaped pieces of cardboard, and will build a “fire” at the center of the fire pit using these logs and some orange and yellow plastic or tissue paper. You can see my design in the pictures above

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  • It is really neat that you have already CADed up a possible design and approach. It would be interesting to know where you got this idea from. I was confused at first as well as I thought you were trying to light a real fire using this cardboard frame to contain it and with cardboard being flammable I was very confused but you did a good job explaining it.


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