Upcycle progress: Helmet Decoration

I didn’t know what I wanted to do for this project until today, when I saw my friend’s abandoned helmet in my garage. My friend was into racing his car when he was studying at CU he eventually graduated and went back to China. The helmet is still in OK shape but the mechanism that holds the face shield is damaged so it’s no longer safe to use. I was wondering what I can do to the helmet to make something creative out of it. For now I think I am going to use recycled materials such as foam and broken pingpong balls from the gym to make the helmet into a decoration. For the style, I decide to mimic the Japanese anime character Saiki K from The Disastrous Life of Saki K, who looks like this:


Below is my sketch:




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  • […] Upcycle progress: Helmet Decoration […]

  • The idea of adapting a helmet is a cool idea, and they are versatile in how they can take on many different styles. Also the sketch shows the planned direction and captures the design style of “The Disastrous Life of Saki K”. Are you just planning on adding the elements to the helmet, or are you also planning on changing the whole aesthetic of the helmet, through the use of something like paint?


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