Upcycle Progress: Wall Mount Piece

Multiple Sketches for Further Conceptualization
More Detailed Skateboard Mount
Guitar Experimentation

I have not completely decided on a final project to get working on but I have a far greater understanding of how I will achieve my aesthetic goals as I sketch more and more. I am currently considering the different applications of reused guitars and skateboards as I currently have an unusable set of boards and a very badly cracked guitar.

I have really enjoyed the aesthetic that maintains the scars of the objects past life as it is reused to suit a new purpose. The scratches and breaks on the skateboard or used strings fraying off the guitar. I want to organically incorporate this damaged look into a new purpose and life for the object.

My primary goal at the moment is to design and manufacture a wall mounted object that now serves a new purpose. The skateboards have many different functions possible as well as a few goofy ones if I choose to pursue that. I have yet to elaborate on the guitar and the different applications and purposes that it could serve as a wall mount but it is an absolutely stunning art piece if you were to strip to cover off and contrast the artistry with something like small shelves for potted plants and paper-weights. I do think that I will ultimately pursue the skateboard ideas and I will have to refine some of the concepts as well as brainstorm some more. The exercises in class have actually really helped me get a grasp on this concept and how I want to execute it.

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  • Taylor Whittemore
    February 2, 2019 5:29 pm

    I really like these ideas and the sketched that you made are very well done. I wish that I had something like that at my disposal for this project because I feel like it would lend itself to a really cool project that represents something that you like. I like the idea of having the wheels of the skateboard being lights. I have a friend who did the same thing with a bike frame and I think it looks really cool

  • I love these ideas! I wonder if you can combine a few of them, like having a skateboard be a light fixture and also be shelving. Or same with the guitar. Either way I think this project will turn out really artistic an very functional.

  • It looks like you are combining ideas that normally wouldn’t be combined – an element of Surrealism! A Skateboard Clock? Lightbulbs on the wheels? How creative! I dig the lightbulb wheels and the Guitar shelf. Good job on the extensive sketching.


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