Up-Cycle Inspiration & Progress

As I stated in my last post the key element to the inspiration of my design is the power line insulatior. I felt that the unique look and shape of these objects wouls open up many doors for the design of my upcycle project. In addition the up-cycle project made for a great oprotunity to re purpose these otherwise usless objects.

The idea to make a lamp out of one of these insulators came as a result of reading a book for class while in bed one evening. As the sun began to set I realized that my room did not have enough lighting especially for reading at night. Currently, in my room, there is a single wall sconce located a good distance away from my bed. This led me to the idea of making a desk lamp that I could keep on my bed side table. After doing some research I reized this could be done using the insulator as a housing for the bulb.

Since my last post, I have decided to use iron pipe as the body of my lamp and wood as the base. I decided to go in this direction due to the industrial aesthetic of the iron pipe, and the fact that I had access to some free iron pipe. I created a final design of the lamp based on the pieces of pipe I had at my disposal, a sketch of the design is included below. Additionally, I acquired the insulator from my grandparents’ house and drilled a clearance hole in the top for the wire.

The next steps in my design will be to buy the remaining material I need and to assemble the lamp. This material includes thepiece of pipe angled at 45-degree and miscellaneous electrical components.

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  • Brittany Callin
    February 10, 2019 7:36 pm

    This is super creative I would have personally never had thought of it. It seems like it will have a very industrial look to it. I also love the description you gave to describe how you came up with the idea, very descriptive! I’m not too sure wood as the base is the best idea though. I feel like it will look too different from the rest of the lamp and may take away the aesthetic that is being presented with the insulator and pipe.

  • This is a really great project. I would like to see the unit with a light bulb in it. I hope you find the electrical switch and light source without paying any money.


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