Upcycle Inspirations: Malignant Speakers

After making a pattern of lids last week, I had cemented an image of a sort -of chandelier of repeated circles. Prof. Hertzberg and I have been preparing for an educational demo of flow visualization for the Expanding Your Horizons event, tailored to creative preteens. This will be the second time that I put on the Oobleck and Speaker demo. We will use an industry-standard shaker table for the final demonstration, but it got me thinking about if I have old speaker cones that I could put to good use. Given the aesthetic (patterns of circles) and the material (speaker cones), perhaps I could mimick the aesthetic of a conglomeration of speaker cones?

My mom had one from an antique radio/jukebox, but I knew I could collect more. I searched thrift stores like Longmont’s ReSource and found a few speakers. I even contacted Best Buy’s in-car audio installation expert. He said they take old speakers to a recycle/disposal service, but gave me the contact of an independent audio installation expert named Mike at the “Safe and Sound” auto shop. This was quite a pleasant surprise, as Mike shared his passion for the Aesthetics of Design in cars. He showed me his custom vinyl in-lays and explained techniques for custom audio wiring. Lastly, he gave me a couple speakers to use in my project. Stay “Tuned” for further updates on my Upcycle project!

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