Skills and Aspirations

Being a senior in Mechanical engineering here at CU, I have all the experience that comes with the curriculum. Of the skills that we have learned, my personal favorite has been Solidworks, and have had some work experience with it as well as some small personal fun projects, as seen in the featured image. I have also had some previous experience with coding Arduino and the different things it can offer, specifically with LEDs.

I am looking forward to the upcoming project, it will require learning new skills and taking different approaches than I am used to with projects. I would love the overall look of it to be the main focus, as that is usually the least important part of the project. That being the main focus will require a different approach than usual, which may call for learning and using new tools that are more built for aesthetic as opposed to function. All of the tools I know are more function based than aesthetic and I look forward to expanding my skills.

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