Skillsets and Personal Aspirations: Luke Collier

Hello! From my perspective, math, engineering, and art could not be more inseparable. Ever since I was a child, I have gotten involved with art installations, primarily in Zometool (Denver Art Museum), but my dad introduced me to woodshop tools as well. I have a CSWP in SolidWorks and proficient experience in Blender3D and Gimp Photo Editor. I’m also pretty decent at sound / music production and play Native American flute and always stop and whistle in reverberant spaces (see past ambient projects with my band Cosmic Carefree Creations). I am a member of the TinkerMill Makerspace and have spent countless late nights working on projects there. I have experience in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, prototype electronics, 3D printing and laser cutting. I have done a full-time semester of manual machining on the mills and lathes, and have worked with Zometool on the injection mold machine. On that note, I was in FIRST Robotics (Team 1619), which caused me to want to pursue mechanical engineering. It’s been stressful to try to reconcile my art side with my engineering side; although it’s too late to switch to TAM, I’m very glad to be where I’m at and taking a class like this.

I really aspire to build an interactive experience, something that one would expect to find at Meow Wolf. I am really attracted to the supernormal high-saturation lights and surreal spaces. One of the first computer games I played was MYST (Cyan Worlds) and my mind is forever scarred by their cryptic, surreal aesthetic that they project.

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  • Hadeel Al Gallaf
    February 25, 2019 2:11 pm

    I really admire your work and set of skill you have. I think one of my dreams is to get involved in an art museum. It was really fun reading all your experiences, your post inspired me, really! I am excited to see how you’ll incorporate space aesthetics to an interactive project. I love to talk about space art, so if you wanna discuss you’re ideas with me, feel free to do so.

  • I am excited to have you in my group. I think my project may see me using the laser cutter. It’s great you have experience with this machine as I will possibly be asking for your help if I need this. In your post you talk about being interested in art. What caused this initial interest as its not very common amongst engineers


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