Main Project Inspiration

For my main project in this course, I want to build something I will actually use after this class is over. I struggled over thinking of an idea, so I started looking at cool DIY projects online. I stumbled across a video of a person creating a smart mirror that let him know the weather, news, and gave him personalized messages. I thought this looked like an awesome project, which inspired me to possibly make one of my own. The problem with this project is that it could be quite expensive because you need a computer monitor, raspberry pi, double sided mirror, and wood for the mirror frame. I am hoping to not have to buy a new computer monitor, so I am going to ask around and see if I can find a used one for cheap. I think this project would be useful for me and would teach me how to use and integrate a raspberry pi. I would customize what displays on the screen with things I find interesting such as: sports scores, text messages from my phone, the weather, and a clock. I am really excited for this idea because I need a mirror in my room in my apartment and this would teach me new skills, especially wood working.


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  • Luke Collier
    March 4, 2019 8:09 am

    That would be really cool! I wonder how you’d code the software? It looks like you have the Raspberry Pi software, but I wonder how you could customize it, like the font, to your chosen aesthetic?

  • Abdulaziz Alrashed
    March 3, 2019 10:29 pm

    The idea of your project is definitely fascinating. I liked how you have come up with a useful product that has multiple functionalities that you actually seek. If it turns out that the components you need are expensive, you could try swapping a couples of them that might effect the quality but decrease the cost. For example, using a cheap projector instead of a monitor. I am also interested in the aesthetics you are looking for. Will the frame be designed according to the news or anything you are going to display?


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