Main Project Inspiration

I had a lot of inspiration from the different upcycle projects I have seen in this class. My upcycle idea was pretty interesting, my only regret was the execution.

As for the main project, I have yet to come up with an idea. I want to try and use the laser cutter in the product I end up making so that it results in a detailed aesthetic. I would also like to explore sensors and try to incorporate them to my final project. I was thinking of using either light or sound sensors, as that was what inspired me.

I hope that in the upcoming week I can come up with an interesting project idea that I can begin planning the process to. I will be reading more about sensor-related projects and see what happens. If I gather enough info, that’s what I will go with!

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  • There is a ton of information from past project online at the sparkfun website blog. You might think about going on and adding to an already planned out project. Put your own spin on it!


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