Main Project Inspiration

Something that has interested me before starting this course was the aesthetic of simulation and how it is playing an increasingly bigger role in our daily lives. As I discussed with some of you in class the ray tracing and consistent colors in simulations are something that might be of interest moving forward.

Ray Tracing

I have linked a khan academy course on the basics of ray tracing and how it mimics light to make simulations look more ‘real’. This is something that interests me because of my background in simulation and love for movies produced by companies like Pixar and Disney. Creating something that was hyper-simulated could be a fun way to learn about the aesthetic and practice a new skill like Blender.

Interacting with Simulation

I talked a little about this in class, but I am also toying with doing more than just a simulation and incorporating some interacting elements. I think that this could also be a team effort where different team members have different elements that can come together to create a system. They wouldn’t all even have to be the same aesthetic, but could be complementary.

One concern I have for an interacting piece with a simulation is the work and my abilities might misalign. I am more interested in the simulation aspect than the interacting dynamic.

Edit 03/03/2019: Since looking into the project a bit more I think I want to create a simulation and pair it with this computer vision and projection tutorial from Sparkfun. the only problem is the kit is almost $200, so I will need to figure out how I want to procure the funds.

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Main Project Inspiration
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  • How would you define the aesthetic you are working with? It is great to figure out the specifics of the technical, engineering side of your work, but I am not certain I understand how it is applied to an aesthetic.
    Ray tracing, and path tracing, have some really interesting components to them that can be informed by an aesthetic. Think of cultures that have rays of light in their imagery. I am thinking Egyptian, Catholic, Mayan, etcetera. Perhaps they can be referenced in your aesthetic.
    At first, when I saw that your video came from Disney, I got really excited about that aesthetic. On a personal note, I would love to see something that references classic animation, especially the shorts they used to run with Goofy (comedy and animation classics). I recognize that that aesthetic might have nothing to do with what you were intending.


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