Main Project Inspirations 2019

I was traveling with my friend who has a cat for one day. She left her cat with supplies that were enough till we get back. We had to extend our travel for an extra day and there was nothing for us to do. The only problem was her cat. I then thought of doing this device and I really wanted to do it and give it to her as a gift. Later-on, her cat was fed by her naighbor and everything went well.

I kept thinking about this device but I never had the time to do it and now I will! I will do an Auto Pet feeder. I’m passionate about working with Arduino and that’s what I will use!


The aesthetic design will be all about cats! I’m thinking of using the sticker machine. I’m excited to do it and I’m looking forward to working on it.


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  • Hussam Alzahrani
    March 4, 2019 10:05 am

    What an interesting use of arduino! Do you plan on making this configuration work under several conditions (location, amount of food left, etc)? What type of sensors were you thinking of using? I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

  • Fatema, I think the Cat feeder is a great idea, I think the programming and the construction will be a challenge however I think you have the necessary skill sets and are creating a useful product. I would start thinking about what aesthetic your design will fit into. Looking forward to seeing the final product!


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