Final Project Inspiration and Ideas

I’m not quite sure yet what I am going to do for my final project.

I have been bouncing two ideas around right now but I’m not sure which I want to pursue, or if I want to go an entirely different direction entirely. I am considering a lamp and a bed frame right now. Both ideas I am thinking of doing in the minimalist aesthetic. I like this aesthetic, especially for furniture, because it is sleek, timeless, and clean.

My first idea is a desk lamp that can act as a focused spot light for work and also an atmospheric light for the entire room. This eliminates the need for two lamps in a room which I think goes well with the minimalist aesthetic and lifestyle. I have some sketches below of a lamp idea I’ve been toying with. The idea actually came out of me practicing drawing ellipses. I started drawing different forms that used a lot of ellipses and one of them that I liked I drew again and it started to become a lamp. I then started to think about why a lamp would need such a large base, and the idea of having the light retract into the base to make an atmospheric light came to me. I like the idea of this lamp. I think it is useful and would be a nice addition to my desk if done right. I’m not set on that design yet; I don’t love it. It sort of reminds me of a droid from star wars. I also don’t know how I would go about manufacturing the lamp.

Some sketches practicing ellipses where lamp idea started.
Playing around with having the neck retract into the base.
Ideating how to transition from a focused light to an atmospheric light.

My other idea is a bed frame that is stylish and aesthetically pleasing, but can also be folded up easily for moving. This idea came from me out of my own necessity. I’ve moved 4 times in the past 4 years and had to buy a new bed frame every time. Bed frames aren’t usually mobile and on a student budget buying a good looking bed frame for every move is not realistic. For my most recent bed frame I bought a foldable one off Amazon. It is extremely minimal, just a metal support for the bed. It does not necessary hold the mattress in place which is annoying because there is no head board. So when I sit up against the wall the mattress slides forward. Also, I have received a few comments that it’s really ugly. This has prompted me to try to design and build a new bed frame that is good looking but also can be folded to fit in any car for moving. Again, I am thinking of a minimalist aesthetic which I think fits well because the goal of this product is to minimize the amount of bed frames a student or someone who moves a lot has to go through. I am also thinking of making this out of wood and adding a nice stained finish to it.

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  • Brandon Smith
    March 4, 2019 12:00 am

    Hey Joshua great job on the sketches. I’m definitely impressed with your sketching ability and I think both ideas have good potential. Besides the minimal aesthetic what other types are you considering implementing?

  • Abdulaziz Alrashed
    March 3, 2019 10:34 pm

    First of all, your sketches look awesome. It conveyed your idea perfectly and it is fascinating. I know this is not your final design, but I noticed that the base has irregular shapes. will you 3D print it? What material will you use and will it be strong enough? A cool idea would be to use a smart LED light bulb that can illuminates different colors and be controlled through your phone.


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