Main Project – Top Five Kinetic Constraints

  1. Aesthetics – The overall goal of this project is to make a dynamic, aesthetically pleasing object. This is a constraint because it eliminates many things that have a practical use, but contain no aesthetic.

2. Physical Properties – I need to determine what materials I want to use, where I want to obtain them from, and how they will play into my design. I am leaning towards wood for the material due to the physical properties. It is easily machinable, adaptable, and can be altered easily if the weight distribution isn’t correct.

3. Equilibrium Constraints – I have a vision to either make this project contain a net force of zero or insert a small motor to induce motion. I feel like this choice would greatly impact my design decisions.

4. Machining accuracy – The material I am planning on using is wood. However, there is only so many processes you can put wood through. If damaged, repairs will take a toll on the design and movement of the system. Making sure the parts interact smoothly will be a constraint to think about when machining. However, I am not perfect at woodworking, so mistakes might be made.

5. Time – All of the constraints above will impact the amount of time I have to finalize my design, manufacture it, and test it. Everyone in this class may also be taking upwards of 4 other classes like I am. That means the time available for this project limits how complex it can be.

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