Top 5 Constraints


Initially, I was planning to build sound activated LEDs as my main project. However, after researching the circuitry and methodology behind the sound activated LEDs, I thought that I’ll be spending most of the time focusing on the functionality rather than the aesthetic.

Therefore, I decided to switch gears and build a floating faucet fountain similar to the one shown in the image above. The floating faucet is one of the decorations that is nice to have at home, which is expensive to buy, but does not cost a lot to build.

The main five constraints of this project are:
– Illusionism: making the project to look imaginary is the main aesthetic of this design, and it will be challenging to achieve that using a floating faucet only
-Size: the faucet fountain needs to be carried, which is something that I need to account for when building it
-Pump: choosing the right pump is the key element of this project, since it determines the height of the faucet
-Wiring: I’ll possibly add LEDs to the fountain. Insulating the wires and using water-proof components is crucial
-Rust: since the water will be running most of the time, I should consider avoiding the use of materials that could possibly rust over time



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