Top 5 Constraints

First constrain: Mobility

I am planning to eventually go back home. I would like to take my design for this course with me. So, I need to design something that can fit in my bags so I can take with me back home.

Second constrain: Cost

Since I quit my job the luxury of spending money on does not longer exist. So, for this project I want to make something that is fairly cheap yet possess all my ideas. To accomplish that, I need to search for cheap materials or look for alternatives for the expensive ones.

Third constrain: Aesthetic

Being an engineer for the past ten years, I never thought about aesthetics. I only focus on practicality. Engineers are taught and trained to solve problem using optimization and originality. Thus, thinking about aesthetic is not in my “comfort zone”.

Fourth constrain: Dynamicity  

The dynamicity constrain for this project eliminates many ideas that I wanted to design. However, it creates new opportunities to design an object which I never thought about making it myself.

Fifth constrain: Accuracy

Since the design needs to be dynamic, accuracy becomes really important to make sure that the design functions properly. Also, it is challenging to find something that is simple and within my skills range.

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Top 5 Constraints

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  • Ibrahim, I’m excited to see how your work within your constraints for your final design. I tend to move a lot too so my design also needs to be mobile and durable which I think will be interesting to find out how to exactly make that happen. You mentioned the aesthetic being one of your constraints, have you picked an aesthetic for your project yet?


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