Top Constraints

Every project comes with constraints, including this one. However, the constraints for this specific project has a different focus than most previous projects.

The main constraints are firstly, the 80’s arcade aesthetic, if it isn’t properly captured the project itself looses its point. Behind that is the overall cost of the project, I don’t have a lot that can be invested in this project and need to make it of suitable quality within the budget. Next, is coding skills, I plan on working with Arduino and even if I have experience with it in the past, it has been a while since I have worked with it, and there will be a period of relearning it. There is also the constraint of painting skills, a big part of the aesthetic is bright colors on the case of an arcade game, I will need to find a way to achieve that with the materials, which will most likely be with paint. I will need to find a way that can capture the aesthetic, that fits within my skill level with paint. The last main constraint of this project is the size, the intention of this is to be a desk ornament, which means it needs to not take up too much room on the top of a desk, but it needs to be large enough to fit all the internal wiring and components of the arduino.

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