5 Constraints

I may not be a member of Dogma 95, but my project does have 5 obstructions (hold for laughter):
1. I must reference 70’s style
2. I must reference a roughed-up do-what-you-can-to-get-by rebel alliance appearance.
3. I have to be able to move it without help.
4. It has to fit in my car.
5. It has to be durable (for playing and moving)

In addition to these constraints, there are some goals for this project. I have to make the appearance seem worn, but perhaps design it so that if it actually does wear with use, it will only help the aesthetic (no super-clean steel popping out of scratches). It has to house my pedals, but I don’t want to permanently change the pedals. It should be the sort of amp that I could sell again in the future, if only for the same price I paid for the components (it should be well-made enough that someone would pay me for it).

This would be cumbersome to move and stack, but would also change how the sound travels in the performance space.
The only thing that makes this sketch related to Star Wars is the Aurabesh character on the control panel.
Conceptualizing the functionality of the signal chain and controls (input and output).

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  • Tyler, this seems to be a very interesting list of constraints. I am not quite sure what these are based on the photo, maybe shoulder pads? Anywho, if so I am curious as to what coating you will use to get it not to rust but also able to be “worn.” I am not sure why they wouldnt fit in your car, but unless you make these video game style, you shouldn’t have an issue.

  • Brittany Callin
    March 10, 2019 7:07 pm

    Those are some really interesting restraints! I couldn’t quite imagine what you were going for from these traits. A longer description of the actual product would have been helpful!


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