Final Project Top 5 Constraints

The top 5 constraints of my final project are:

  1. The planter needs to be able to support the weight of soil water and plants
  2. It needs to fit in a small horizontal space
  3. The design needs to incorporate some sort of method for draining water
  4. I would like it to have a rustic look to fit with the design of the apartment
  5. It needs to be able to fit at least 10 plants
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Final Project Top 5 Constraints
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  • I am commenting on this from the future and it would appear that you built a successful project. Speaking as someone from the future, I would recommend exploring hoses that already fit the rustic look, as it appeared to me when I viewed your design at the expo that you had painted or otherwise dirtied your hoses artificially. Perhaps you could run the water through the actual support structure, eliminating the need for forcing the rustic effect on the otherwise new hose.
    How would you more specifically define some of the above constraints (what is a “small horizontal space?”)? How would you redesign your project to make some of these constraints more challenging (supporting the weight when everything is counter-balanced).

  • Chris Mcfadden
    March 11, 2019 11:54 am

    Morgan, this is a nice idea. To obtain the rustic look maybe try using recycled wood from a reclaim store or old pallets that are usually available for free at grocery stores. For draining, maybe channels in the wood that empty into a reservoir.


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