Top 5 Constraints: String Art

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For this project I wanted to create an art piece using string, nails, a piece of wood, and an aesthetic in mind. I want to write out the letter H for Hogan using the string and nails.


  1. The symmetry of the nails must be exact or else the entire project will look lopsided.
  2. The font of the H must be picked so that it depicts the correct aesthetic. It could be a cursive or a more old school font.
  3. When stringing the entire picture, the gaps the strings create must be even and proportional throughout.
  4. The color of the strings and the wood have to contrast or else they will just blend in and look like nothing.
  5. The spacing of the nails have to be perfect or else stringing it will look really off and not symmetric.


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  • Please tell us more about the aesthetic, and the dynamic aspects.

  • Brandon Smith
    March 10, 2019 11:00 pm

    I like the project idea and the interesting aesthetic created by the string. Have you considered any specific font type to base the letter H off of? Also the arrangement of the nails and the amount of nails will help define the letter. Are you planning on using one color of string or multiple? Great idea and I look forward to seeing it.

  • Great project idea! I think there’s a lot of places you can take this concept. How are you planning on working through the constraints you mentioned above to get the final piece just right? Also what is the dynamic part of your project?

  • This is a cool idea and when done well it provides a very cool piece of art. There seems to be a lot of emphasis of the spacing of the nails, how do you plan to make sure that they are spaced properly? Would you utilize some sort of stencil that is already measured out?


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