Project Aesthetics Compared to the 20th Century: Night Stand

The main aesthetic for this night stand is a 20th century art deco aesthetic. The picture shown below is of the Chrysler Building. The darker wood mixed with the lighter wood with white light makes everything seem very simple, but upscale at the same time.

The wood for my project will be a light or white wood with a darker brown leather combo. This choice will be paired with longer lights seen in the photo above. The night stand will be square and symmetric.

My design will combine art deco with a very futuristic aesthetic. Built into the lights lower base will be an LED display with the time, date, weather, and possible alarm clock.

This creates a very futuristic but also modern look. The whole concept of the night stand being a floating night stand helps promote this look by not leaving anything to distract from the concept as a whole.

The whole design will be a very smooth design that ultimately combines 3 or more materials and aesthetics.



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