Comparison: 50s aesthetic to other fashions of the 20th century.

For my project I am emulating a 50s fashion aesthetic. I will be making a coat that is representative of the late 50s style. Throughout the 20th century coats changed quite a bit. That said, I think that the 50s style was the most defined as an era of fashion.

Here are coat fashions throughout the 20th century.

1920s coats, cocoon coats for spring
1927 Spring Cocoon Coats (1)
Image result for 1950 womens coat fashion
1950s coat (5)
1940s coats for women
1947 Long Box Coats (2)
Late 1970s coats (3)
Image result for 1990 womens coat fashion
Coat from 1990 (4)

Here is my original drawing for my coat:

Original sketch.

Now I have tried to represent a coat using steampunk, futuristic, and biomimicry aesthetics.

For the steampunk coat there are elements of vintage style along with more modern stripes.

For the futuristic coat I looked at other futuristic fashion and noticed there were a lot of harsh angles, diagonal zippers and buttons, and geometric patterns.

For the biomimicry coat I made it look like a leaf!

Biomimicry coat


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  • Hadeel Al Gallaf
    May 6, 2019 4:10 am

    I enjoyed reading your post and admiring your sketches. It is truly interesting to see the fashion evolution of coat over the years.

  • Yousef Alqattan
    March 31, 2019 10:26 am

    50s fashion was very different than other eras. It was a time when many people were tweaking their idea of what fashion was. To honor that you may want to add your own spin to the dress just to give it a bit of personality.


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